Quality control

Quality control

Quality assurance and quality control are integral to our complete quality management programme, driving improvement in the processes and systems we use to deliver your project deliverables on time and within budget.

Testing, inspection and qualification
Allseas Fabrication clients get the complete project package – drawings, specifications, certifications, documents and inspections – managed in our in-house developed QC application. We provide complete product reliability testing, inspection and qualification capabilities to support your product requirements and to ensure that designs meet or exceed required specifications.

Testing to various industry standards
We operate according to the highest quality codes and standards, and perform work within a robust framework of integrated working procedures and risk management systems. We test to various industry standards, and work closely with you to execute unique test protocols, enabling you to assess certification risks early in the production cycle, reducing cost and speed of delivery.

Highest quality codes and standards
Allseas Fabrication is ISO 9001-2015 certified and meets the SIO Level 2 (Integrity Management System) standard. Construction welding AWS D1.1 in accordance with ISO 15614-1; fusion welding of metallic materials in accordance with ISO 3834-2; Lloyd’s Rules for the Manufacture Testing and Certification of Materials; DNV-OS-C401. Pipe welding ISO 15614-1 in accordance with DNV-OS-F101; API 1104; ASME IX; B31.4; B31.8. NDT in accordance with ISO 17020; ASNT 1a. NDT procedures in accordance with ASME; API; DNV; AWS. Environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001.

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